A Letter from the Owner:

Having been in the wedding DJ industry for a number of years, I knew that I wanted something different than what was already out there. Let’s admit it — the DJ market is flooded. You have DJ’s here and there scattered across a number of the traditional sources: wedding sites, wedding magazines, wedding shows, you name it. Their pricing is complicated, quality is hit-or-miss, and the planning process is horrible.

I decided to start this company based off of two things: consistence, and simplicity. That means that with whatever package you choose from our company, you’ll never get downgraded quality. No cheaper-quality speakers just because you have a lower budget. No crappy dorm-room lighting, ever. You’ll always get the best equipment, the best service, and the best experience — every time.

And when it comes to simple….well you’ve found it. No extra charges for more microphones, more speakers, relocations, none of it. We charge a simple price for simple people who want the absolute best.

Here’s to awesome weddings for awesome people, 


Josh Westbrook