We're the best at what we do, because we love it.

Meet your DJ before you sign a contract. We want to talk to you. We won't make you drive across town to look at our contract, or make you have to hire a lawyer to understand it. After booking, we'll send you an electronic contract and hold your date for 10 days to give you time to meet your DJ and make a decision. Your DJ will meet with you directly via FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or phone to talk about your plans and make sure they’re a perfect match for your wedding – no pressure, no obligation.


Our flat-rate pricing is fair, simple, and easy to understand. Your DJ will bring whatever equipment is needed to make your wedding a success – additional sound systems, additional subwoofers, wireless microphones, even wireless speakers. Simply fill out our web form with the date, time, and location of your wedding and a full and accurate price quote will be provided in the very first email we send to you. There are no hidden fees, no additional charges, and no surprises.

We have the best emergency backup plan in the nation. Every weekend, one of the DJs on our team is paid to be on call as the “Emergency DJ”. Every DJ on our staff with a wedding that weekend takes the extra step of sending copies of the paperwork and all of the music for their weddings to the Emergency DJ. Weddings constitute more than 90% of our company’s business, and our clients know they will have a talented, prepared DJ at their wedding – no matter what.


Quality sound only comes from quality products. That's why we've vowed to use ElectroVoice brand speakers in our performances. Depending on your guest count, we may use one of the following sets:*

small edit.png

(<150 guests)

med edit.png

(150-450 guests)

square edit.png

(450+ guests)

*pictures shown depict PREMIUM packages. BUDGET packages do not include subwoofers.



Included with our PREMIUM package, we’ll provide additional speakers, wherever you need them. Have a cocktail hour in a different room? Check. Outside music? Check. Bathroom? Well….only if you insist. We use 8” EV speakers for great sound, anywhere.


Other DJ’s use generators for power at your outdoor ceremony. Who wants the extra noise? We don’t.

Using Bose S1 Pro’s, we offer complete battery-powered setups that offer the greatest convenience — at no extra charge to you.



JUST THE BASICS. Pricing starts at $700/4 hrs.

  • WEDDING MC for professional announcements

  • WEDDING DJ coverage to keep that floor packed.

  • DANCE FLOOR LIGHTING to keep the mood flowing.

  • ONLINE PLANNING so that you can provide detailed information about your event, make music selections, timelines, etc. at your convenience.

  • PRO SOUND EQUIPMENT with two cordless microphones.

  • BILLING CAPS at 10 hours. Have a long ceremony and reception? No sweat, and no additional fees.


THE NEW STANDARD. Pricing starts at $1050/6 hrs.



  • SUBWOOFERS for maximum bass without increasing the volume. You can tell the difference.

  • PERKS SPEAKERS which includes additional wired or wireless speakers to provide music outdoors, in other rooms, or for your cocktail hour music.

  • LIGHTED DJ BOOTH which uses white sheets instead of black sheets on our table, and use lights underneath to provide a "wow" factor. Or, choose a lighted fence instead for more DJ privacy and a sleeker look.



  • 2- lapel microphones with wind-guards

  • all-in-one discreet battery-powered PA system

  • customized ceremony music

  • equipment relocation

  • vendor coordination


  • in exact same room, no additional speakers: $50

  • at same building & different indoor room: $100

  • at same location, outdoors: $150

  • *travel may apply with destination ceremonies.

square basic.png


  • travel & lodging fees

    • <50 mi: FREE

    • 50 mi. - 100 mi: $50

    • 100 mi. - 150 mi: $100

    • 150 mi - 200 mi, OR more than 2hr of drive time: $250

  • last minute changes:

    • additional DJ time on day of event: $100/hr