Who Are We?

JUMPSUIT was born out of an idea to offer new couples the quality of old-fashioned service with the convenience of modern technology. We pride ourselves in offering the newest equipment and keeping it that way — constantly upgrading, with antique equipment out of the picture. We also keep our booking and planning processes as simple as possible, to keep the stress out of your busy day and ease communication between you and your vendors.

We’re not saying the best at everything — in fact, we’ve permanently decided to keep out of the photography space. Some companies like to recruit mediocre talent or try to half-ass the service, just to make a sale. Photography is an art — something that you as a couple should go out and discover, and decide whose style you like best.

But as far as our services go — expect the best. We recruit only the best talent in the area, with extensive professional training and lots of experience. Expect your dance floors to be packed, amazing photo booth memories, and lights that dazzle your night, and your guests.

Our Promises to You

As a client of JUMPSUIT, you can count on the following:

  • We will treat you with respect – respect for your vision, your ideas, your preferences, and your time.

  • We will never drink alcohol at your wedding or do anything that could reflect negatively on your decision to hire us.

  • We will be accessible to you when you need us, via phone or email – whatever you prefer.

  • We will present ourselves, from our personal appearance to the setup of our equipment, with the utmost professionalism.

  • We will conduct ourselves with poise and decorum, and will never do anything that would embarrass you or your guests or put you “on the spot.”

  • We will make any agreed-upon announcements with refinement and polish. There will be no surprises.

  • We will coordinate with your other vendors before and throughout your event, and ensure that nothing is missed or mishandled. If changes or adjustments need to be made, your guests will never notice.

  • We will make you glad you chose JUMPSUIT for your wedding, and your experience with our company will be outstanding from beginning to end.